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Neptune Audio is a company formed by Morenz Development Corporation to bring to market it's latest product: an All Digital Automatic room Equalizer system. In its history Morenz Development Corporation was always dedicated to High quality Audio Products using latest state of the art technical innovation and continues to travel that path.

Morenz Development Corp was established in 1986 By Paul Morenz and his two sons Ken and Mark, to develop a leading edge product in the professional Audio amplifier market. The first product was the SA-1000 Class D 1000 Watt digital amplifier. It was a breakthrough product at that time having superior audio qualities and weighed in at only 18 Lbs at a time when everyone knew a 1000 Watt amplifier had to weigh 60 Lbs. It was the first high powered Class D power amplifier to go into mass production. Since that time Morenz Development has been on the forefront of audio products both professional and consumer. Responding to the growing requirements of the Subwoofer marketplace they designed and produced innovative proprietary audio products including 7 different subwoofer amplifiers ranging from 100 Watts to 1000 watts; and they developed a series of digital full frequency range amplifiers ranging from 100 too 1000 Watts for the OEM market. They also designed and were designated as most innovative product by CES for a car subwoofer amplifier producing an astounding 2400 Watts!

During this time, Morenz Corp. Began incorporating digital signal processors into their products. It became apparent that there were many things that could be done with DSP processors that couldn't be done using analog circuitry. One of the products developed, was an improved optical audio track film reader for movie theaters. These improved readers scanned the film's optical soundtrack and converted it to a digital signal providing a dramatic quality improvement. They were approved by AMC and Ultra Star cinemas for use in their theaters. This is where Morenz Corp. gained a background in movie theater sound. Morenz also developed a fully digital biamped power amplifier for the professional market. This used a DSP processor to completely control two amplifiers and Power supplies using Class D technology and eliminate all analog components which produced a combined 1400 Watts. This is still he most integrated product of its kind in the marketplace.

Over the years, there was a desire by Morenz Corp. to launch a new product category. With its background in digital audio and theater sound, it was no surprise that Morenz Corp chose the automatic digital equalizer as its next product. This product takes the next step in theater audio improvements for both home theater, Movie and automotive applications.

Both Neptune audio and Morenz Corp. are owned and operated proudly in the U.S.A.