Product Description

EQ 701

The EQ 701 is the result of more than 10 years of product design and development. It is a breakthrough product made possible by the most recent DSP technology. The 701 performs automatic room equalization for a complete 7.1 channel Home Theater system. It has 8 input and 8 output channels using either RCA or XLR connectors .

The EQ 701 performs Equalization by the use of graphic EQ techniques. ( See paper on why EQ ). It utilizes thirty 1/3 octave bands for each of the 7 full range channels, and twenty bands for the subwoofer channel; all sampled at 96 thousand samples per second at a resolution of 24 bits per sample. We used four top of the line stereo codecs from Cirrus logic, instead of a less expensive surround sound codec. The 701 is expressly designed for high end home theater use, using no compromises in the design and application.